Monday, September 21, 2009

Peace Day Vs The Age of Stupid (WN0023)

The Age of Stupid Global Premiere Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

It's a tough call over which one of these two videos to put at the top of the post. In a surprising convergence of highly connected issues, today (September 21st) marks Peace Day, while tomorrow (September 22nd) is the global premiere of 'The Age Of Stupid', the already widely-acclaimed documentary film about climate change.

Above is the trailer for 'Stupid', while the clip below gives an explanation about Peace Day. It needed really be a choice between one or the other. By all accounts, 'The Age Of Stupid' is a film that literally everyone should see. Peace Day is an annual day that all signatories at the UN General Assembly have agreed should be a day for cessation of hostilities.

Neither initiatives on their own will automatically make the world a better place, but both show that forces pushing back against the challenges the planet is facing are getting stronger.

Find or give a screening of 'The Age Of Stupid' and tell everyone who'll listen about it.

Make peace. Every day.

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