Saturday, May 31, 2008

'McCain Vows To Replace Secret Service With His Own Bare Fists' (WN0010)

I was delighted to stumble across 'America's finest news source' The Onion recently. Last time I went anywhere near the online version, it was running on a subscriber-only basis so wasn't particularly open for browsing. This was quite some time ago and upon returning I find their site being all things Web 2.0 and open, thus more accessible. Guess that online advertising must be paying that much more than when I last looked.

Anyway, The Onion shows that America does satire in its own way and just as well as Britain. I really enjoyed 'The Day Today' (1 2) when the BBC ran it and it seems that The Onion is now running video reports reminiscent of that, updated for a more contemporary audience.

Here, in 'The War For The White House', Republican contender John McCain shows off his credentials as a 'tough man', vital positioning for any US Presidential candidate!