Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Video] 'I Link, Therefore I Am'

In brief moments snatched between furious bouts of study and trying to stay on top of work (amongst a bunch of other things), I've managed to put another short film together - 'I Link, Therefore I Am', as displayed above. This short film was actually produced for two purposes - one, as a piece of coursework for the 'Theory and Practice of Interactive Media' module as part of the MA, and two, as a submission for the audio/video remix contest 'The Past Re-imagined as the Future'.

As a piece of coursework, it is intended to demonstrate an interaction with a couple of pieces of theory that relate to new media and the body. It is also aimed at demonstrating a different form of 'writing' than than traditional notion applied to an academic essay. As a remix contest submission, the film takes a couple of tracks from the Free Music Archive and clips from a handful of short films from the Prelinger Archive and creates something new with them all. 

The monochromatic style is inspired by old jazz LP covers. I searched for 'network' in the Prelinger section of the Internet Archive and came up with footage from shorts films commissioned by Bell and AT&T on the building of the American telephone network, along with material on telegraphs, radio and television - the old media networks on which the new media network of the Internet was partly built. This also hopefully neatly demonstrates the past being re-imagined as the future. 

The public voting part of the contest is open from November 12-25, so there's just over a week of voting left. At the moment, I've only had one public vote. If you like the odd blend of academic bluster and archival plunder in this video, please head over to the voting page and help me to up that number.

Any votes much appreciated. All contest entries can be viewed here.