Thursday, April 12, 2012

Survey call: [Twitter + #IATEFL = ?]

The next essay for my MA is due in very soon. For this one, I'm investigating the use of Twitter at conferences, using this year's IATEFL conference in Glasgow (Mar 19 - 23) as the case study.

As part of the qualitative research into the topic, I have put a survey together for people that used Twitter for participating in the conference. If you used Twitter during #IATEFL, please help me out with a few responses below.

The survey should take about six or seven tweets worth of your time to complete, and will be open for responses for the next two days.


UPDATE: This survey is now closed for submissions. Many thanks to those that responded.


Bgardner said...

Really interested in PD and Twitter, please share results!

globalism said...

Will be happy to do so (once I've got the grade back anyway!)...