Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 things...about '10 things'

In order to provide some sort of structure to a new feature here at 'Postings From An Edge', here are 10 things about '10 things...'. This will give me a framework from which to write and guidance to any future guest posters.

'10 things...' posts...
  1. can be a simple text-only list, a collection of multimedia-rich content, or anything in between these two pillars (including only images, only audio or only video).
  2. can be long or short.
  3. will come from me or from any guest posters that wish to contribute to the feature.
  4. can be posted regularly or sporadically.
  5. must be titled in the same way (beginning with 10 things... and continuing with a grammatically correct rest of sentence) and contain an appropriate collection of meta-tags.
  6. should be promoted elsewhere on the Web (e.g. on Twitter or Facebook).
  7. can be about any topic so long as it relates in some way to the concept of 'thinking globally'. Suggestions for specific topics include technology, education, music, activism, Japan, writing, travel or peace.
  8. can be submitted in a language other than English, so long as an English translation is also provided.
  9. are intended to encourage comment and interaction.
  10. must total 10 things. No 9's or 11's (unless it's a '10 things...about 9/11' post). They must also not be abusive or offensive, and use of Creative Commons works are encouraged.
I'll be starting to approach other bloggers I know with requests for contributions, but if you're reading this and would like to write one, please email it in full (title, content and tags) to - they'll be published (if they meet the above conditions) following editorial review.


Brad said...

Sounds cool, Dom.

I'd be interested... now what would I write 10 things about... hmm....

Globalism said...

Many thanks for joining me on here Brad - it was getting kinda lonely!

Yes, you guessed it, I am fishing for first guest poster. I've even opened up the commenting on this blog a little more now.

Given that you have footsteps the likes of Henry Miller and Mark Twain that you're stepping in, how about 10 things about being an American in Paris?

Just a thought...

Unknown said...

Yay! Nice meme Dom ... am up for it too ... now ... which 10 shall I go for? ...

*amusing cat videos on youtube?
*cool infographics?
*ways to serve beetroot?
*fave stationery items?

hmmmm ... wait and see ;)

Globalism said...

Yay, more comments! It's starting to feel less and less lonely around here...

Fantastic that you're up for it Sarah. I'd be thrilled to see some top notch infographics on here (though also partial to the odd cat video).

Purportedly got my first guest poster too, so you'll be my second.