Monday, December 27, 2010

Jumping Jack Frost

Although these days it's tough to find the time, I do like to keep a hand in with music making when the opportunity presents itself. I don't really have an ongoing band at the moment, so have to throw something together when gigs come up.

This year was my second year of being involved with the Christmas Concert at the place where I teach. As with last year, a line-up was hastily assembled at the last minute. The only difference was that this year, we had students in the band as well as teachers, which seemed to work pretty well.

This is the version of The Stones 'Jumping Jack Flash' that we came up with, after two rehearsals. It's (more than) a little rough around the edges, but it seemed to liven things up enough at the event! I usually try and keep the teacher and singer personas distinct from each other, but sometimes they end up crossing over a little...

Next year, must try and get rehearsals in a little earlier!

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