Monday, April 27, 2009

'Sakura In Tokyo ' - a Japanese spring (WN0019)

As Britain starts wobbling through its spring months, unable to decide whether to be a little bit warmer or to keep up the chill, I came across this delightful video reminding me of the joys of springtime in Tokyo. For just a few short weeks of the year, the usual greyness of the cityscape is blanketed in a sweet, fluttering pink as the cherry blossoms ('sakura') come out in bloom.

'Hanami', which literally translates as 'cherry blossom viewing party', is one of the few times of year which the whole city allows itself to let the hair down a little. Visiting during this season is a rare opportunity to see Japan at play.

I felt that this video was very nicely done, so decided to put it up here (and not miss out on the season entirely myself, even if I might be a little bit late). It came via Alexandre Gervais. Thanks for pointing it out, Alex-san!


Anonymous said...

very nice video.. and the music is perfect for it..

on day i may see the spring in tokyo.. you never know.. :)

loris the italian

Globalism said...

Glad you liked the video, Loris. Yes, I also thought that the music was a good match too.

If you ever do get to see spring in Tokyo, I'm sure you'll always remember it - a beautiful time.

Thanks for adding a comment here!