Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dropping Knowledge

After leaving them loitering on my desktop for months, I've finally managed to upload a couple of new videos to my YouTube channel.

I came across the Dropping Knowledge (dk) organisation through a filmmaker friend in Tokyo that did some work for them. I'm always on the lookout for ventures that aim to enhance international understanding and am particularly interested in ones that embrace the technology of our age in order to do that, so they were a great find.

The first film lays out their aims of asking questions as a means of encouraging social change, while the second is of one is of dk's activities, the Table of Free Voices. This event, held in 2006, brought together leading thinkers from around the world and posed a series of questions to them set by citizens from across the planet.

The films themselves are issued under the concept of 'copyleft', where a user is 'free to copy, use, modify, publish, broadcast or otherwise redistribute any portion of these films, and (is) actively encourage(d) do so.' This is a relatively new concept to me and could be a fantastic means of building a contemporary global cultural commons.

I have always questioned the world around me. What's your question?

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