Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The title

So, why 'Postings From An Edge'?

I've always loved wordplay, metaphors and puns - can't help myself sometimes. So the idea was to have something with a variety of meanings.

I've never seen the film 'Postcards From The Edge' but always remembered the title and I tend to have lines from films or songs, newspaper headlines, people's names, signboards, etc, stick in my head and rattle around for later use. That one stuck too.

The edge of where? The Global North, for one. Tokyo is the kind of city that is a little beyond words sometimes. I moved here a little under three years ago, from the English coastal party resort of Brighton, and it seemed about as far as I could go in the 'developed world' - to the sprawl of the ultimate metropolis. In the UK, I swore to myself that I'd never move to a big city like London (although it is a fabulous place in many ways) because I never wanted a 'big city' life. And I ended up in one of the biggest of them all.

Tokyo is both a playground and a machine. On one hand, there's so much fun that you can have that it'll exhaust you if you keep running with it. On the other hand, the city functions so effortlessly smoothly and works so hard, that it's often difficult to stop. I have a collection of images up that I plan to add to and jig around when time permits, to give those who've never been a little flavour of the place.

I've also always been attracted to the expressions of the underground and those ahead of the pack; in music, writing, art, protest culture, political expression, etc - anything that challenges mainstream orthodoxy and offers new ways of thinking and moving forward. Hopefully, this blog will end up reflecting that too. Thus another 'edge' to post from. Giving voice to 'the different'.

Any other readings of the title welcomed!

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