Saturday, May 07, 2011

Shibuya gallery

Sometimes life just moves faster than you can keep up with. Perhaps it's the times, perhaps it's my age, perhaps it's my ongoing refusal to stop taking on more than several things at a time that I don't get enough of a chance to reflect on them. Whatever it is, I seem to be constantly running to catch up with my shadow, which remains too far ahead of me. It's been a pretty whirlwind six months - finished the DELTA, then there was the Arab Spring, then the Japanese earthquake, IATEFL, a Masters application, now the Brighton Festival. A full-on wrapping up of my thirties anyway. All good.

One of the things in my backlog of 'stuff to get out there' has been a bunch of pictures from my last trip to Japan - shot during a few hours walking around Shibuya. Strangely enough, they almost seem like images from a different world now, a pre-earthquake one. Anyway, better out than languishing on the old hard drive anyway. There's more to come from that trip at some point - probably drip fed out over the next six months!

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