Monday, May 23, 2011

A Coca-Cola crown

A Coca-Cola crown by Globalism Pictures

A Coca-Cola crown, a photo by Globalism Pictures on Flickr.
Sometimes, you throw a bit of content out into the wilds of the web and it comes back with surprises. There's often no way of knowing which bits will be a hit and which'll be a miss. This one seems to have become a surprise hit.

I'm not quite sure what makes this picture such a special one, but as it's not been up long and as of today, it's my sixth most viewed picture on Flickr. Took it in Shibuya last September.

It's got a certain symmetry to it that has an appeal, but it's also just an office building with a Coke ad on top of it too. It's not a great use of light through the canvas of a camera lens either, but it's always a pleasure to go down well somewhere.

This post is my first one coming direct from Flickr. An experiment, if you will. It might need a little formatting afterwards, but it could well be an interesting place to blog from...

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