Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Years...what a surprise

'I took Five' by N-ino (via Flickr)
Today marks the fifth birthday of 'Postings From An Edge', so I would like to wish my blog a happy birthday! It's been quite an achievement to have kept it going for a full five years.

Building up to this anniversary, I've been making a number of changes to the blog, which regular readers may have already noticed. These have included finally adding a proper header, swapping the position of the sidebar and generally cleaning things up there, issuing everything under a Creative Commons licence, getting the blog listed in a series of directories, and writing a stronger 'About' page. Quite pleased with the new social media buttons in the sidebar too.

I still need to put in some more work in getting the blogroll more up-to-date, to better reflect where I spend more of my time on the internet and the other blogs with which I wish to interact. What 'Postings' is still missing, however, is you. 

Do please drop by and say hello - I've even cleared you a space...

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