Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another great Tokyo video via Jamaica (WN0021)

Tokyo & Yokohama - A High Speed Journey from Andreas Doppelmayr on Vimeo.

Following on from the last post of time lapse Tokyo footage comes another via the same source.

Andreas Doppelmayr, a Norway-based photographer and traveller, has put together the rather fabulous film above that shows certain highlights from both Tokyo and Yokohama. I was very impressed that he was able to get this much great footage after just a few nights in town and the film made me miss the crazy old place once again.

My source to these fine films is known as Jamaipanese, a Kingston-based blogger who seems to be Jamaica's number one Japanophile. We've chatted briefly over Twitter, but little else yet. I thoroughly recommend his blog though, for a different outsider's perspective on Japan.

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