Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brighton Carnival 2009

Yesterday's post was intended to be short, snappy and completed in next to no time - got to get me into the habit of blogging more often yet wasting less time when I actually do write something. In the end however, it actually took me about an hour and a half, which was far too long! As I'd like to have a little more community action around this blog, I realise it needs a little more input from me, so the art of writing snappier posts more regularly is definitely something I'll have to get sorted out.

I visited Brighton Carnival today, along with my wife and mother-in-law. It was the first one I've seen in Brighton and it was great fun - so lively. I don't think there used to be one when I lived here before, so it makes for a very welcome addition to the city's calendar. Who needs Notting Hill or Rio de Janeiro when Brighton Seafront's got it all (well, Rio might be nice)?

Following are a selection of photos from the day. This is turning out to be a great summer.

A reveller in bright costume, early on in the parade

Somehow based around a deck of cards...a fabulous outfit

No carnival is complete without a little input from death

Brighton + Carnival = 'Green Floats'

Spread those wings

The Brighton School Of Samba makes their presence felt

A carnival queen

Clown on a unicycle

Kids street dancing

One group makes it an anti-smoking campaign...

...and really gives it some with their message

Tiger kids with drums in orange

...and it's pretty damned proud of that fact too!

The 'Wow! factor' starts raising on the costumes front

Now that one's really quite spectacular

So much to carry around with you

The end of the parade brings out the boldest and best

A fine outfit you have, sir

Part of a complete dinner service

Positively radiant, my dear

Let it end with beats and rhythm, as it began


idleformat said...

Can vaguely remember going to the carnival as a youngster - think it started or ended in Preston Park. I think it stopped for a while later on. Looks like a good one this year tho - great weather too...

Globalism said...

So it has actually been going for years then? Oh well, not that surprising! I wonder how I never seemed to notice it when I used to live here...

Yup, this year's was both a goodie and blessed by fine weather.

Anonymous said...

hello - I actually work for the carnival so can tell you!

It started in 1923 and went strong for years - yes going up to Preston Park, this stopped in the 1960s. The Lions still run an annual carnival in Hove, but we as 'Brighton Carnival Association' have only been going since 2007. Brighton Museum has brilliant photos of the 1923 carnival if you stop by.

Love your photos and glad you had a great day!

Globalism said...

Thanks very much Anon - delighted that you liked the pictures.

I was admittedly a bit slack on the research front with this post. Think I just wanted to whack the pictures up there. I've rectified it at the Flickr album.

I've since found out a little more background on the Carnival - 1923's quite an impressive time to have started something which is still going (even if in a very different form).

You'll find an album with more pictures in the next post.

idleformat said...

hmmm... guess it wasn't the Carnival I was taken to as a child then as that would have been the mid/late 70s...

Globalism said...

Possibly a record for this blog - 5 comments so far!

idleformat - you might have to ask your folks what it was that you went to then, if not the Brighton Carnival.

They ought to be able to unlock the mysteries of your youth...