Friday, March 18, 2011

Some light relief - a tune about green tea

A tweet from Tokyo appeared in my stream a few days ago which made me think, and reminded me a little of something that Michael Franti said after a visit he paid to war-ravaged Iraq.

He'd been writing a lot of angry protest songs following the US-led invasion. For his documentary film 'I Know I'm Not Alone' he visited Baghdad and did a walkabout with a guitar and some of these songs. I don't have the original quote but remember a comment of his that the local people had asked him why he wasn't singing happier stuff. An interesting difference in perspective there - Franti might have been writing for a home audience but when he went to play for the Iraqis, they just wanted their moods lighted from all the war stuff going on around them rather than being reminded of how bad everything was. The power of music...

I'm sure that many Japanese (those not actually in the disaster zones of Sendai or Fukushima) having been feeling similar feelings over the last week - a need to be cheered up but something lighter than all the dark, dark news that has been spreading all over their country.

While skimming through Soundcloud two days ago, I came across this delightful little number. Clearly someone else wanted to show some support and lighten the mood. So here it is...'Japanese Green Tea' by Languid.

Japanese Green Tea (My condolences to those in Japan) by Languid

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Languid said...

Wow thanks for posting this and yeah we need to send as much energy as we can to Japan.

Peace, Languid