Wednesday, June 14, 2006

'A new page': Brighton short story

Blogging does turn out to be a rather good way of connecting back to where you've been. Amongst my respondents so far on this blog have been old friends from my bookselling days in Brighton, which has in turn inspired me to check out what's going back on there. This is a community for some Brighton bloggers.

Idleformat mentions the new website he's worked on for showcasing Brighton writers, 'The Deckchair' (cheers for the highly complimentary and distinctintly self-deprectating entry on yours, my good man!).

I now have my first short story published with them, a tale of one young man and his gang's efforts to enjoy themselves on New Year's Eve 1999, the turn of the millenium. You can read it here. I anticipate this place becoming a repository for my thoughts of home and the older tales I came up with when at college. Can university really have been that long ago now? Where does time go in our lives? Mine gets lost in the Tokyo machine these days.

An invitation then for comments: How did you spend the turn of the millenium?

Rowan, another compatriot from the period of my life shifting dusty tomes and bestsellers, also alerts me to her pages. She has a personal blog here and a book review one here.

Dip in to literary Brighton. The water might be cold, but the hearts are warm!


Shaun said...

NYE99: Brighton beach drinking warm fizzy wine from plastic cups with someone I don't know anymore. And yes, the water was cold but it didn't stop some over-zealous revellers from stripping off + wading in. Needless to say, this sobered them up nicely + they soon sprinted back up the shingle...!

Globalism said...

It looks like we spent it in the same place, yet were perhaps unaware of each other being amongst the other merry revellers on said beach.

Hope my story triggered some mildly happy memories for you...!