Saturday, April 21, 2012

New film: 'J-Journeys'

More video.

It's great having spent much of the past two months working on a project to then be able to knock a different one out in about an hour. This short film, the third to feature footage shot on my last visit to Japan, takes a leisurely meander through Japanese suburbia as seen from a bus and a train. It also features a great mellow piano tune by Chris Zabriskie, which under by the unlikely name of 'That Kid in the Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos' (sourced from the Free Music Archive and issued under CC-BY licence).

The film is more of a mood piece than a story (in other words, nothing much happens), but I rather like the pace of it. However, over 4 minutes is probably a little long for a web video where not much happens!

I chose to debut this film on Vimeo rather than YouTube this time. No reason, and it'll find its way onto YouTube as well, but always good to get to know another platform better.


Sarah Pings said...

Totally mesmerising - fantastic track and beautiful cross fade from platform to train .. love it Dom!

Hate Vimeo though ... always takes forever to load ...

globalism said...

The track came up on random this morning and I thought 'Hmm, I could do something with that'. Good to hear those cross fades do the job too!

See what you mean about Vimeo though - will go on YouTube when I get round to it.