Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bird Step Sequencer (WN0040)

Love this one. In Kathy Hind's words:
By observing the resting of birds on telegraph lines, it was soon obvious how much the lines resembled a music score or piano roll. Thus, a computer-vision program was developed in order to scan a video of the birds behaviour to translate it into music, by triggering audio samples of a music box and a prepared piano in the same fashion as a modern step-sequencer.
Going along to see her talk about sound maps in London next month.


pingsandneedles said...

just love this Dom!

btw ... in your search for embedded audio, have you seen this ...

they might be able to help??

(I tried searching for globalism! but it doesn't exist yet ...)

Dom Pates said...

A gem, eh?!

Good find re: the pron map. I keep coming across examples of embedded audio being successfully done in a map, but so far still not being able to do it myself. Will give them a shout and see if they can shed any light...