Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tokyo in Pummelvision

I was recently introduced to Pummelvision - an online tool for making videos from photo collections - and used the service to make a video of some of my Flickr-held images of Tokyo. The service produces a snappy little clip with a choice of displaying the images 'fast' or 'very fast' (hold on to your hats, I chose 'very fast'). 

It's very simple to use, taking pictures from places like Facebook, Flickr or Instagram and putting them up at either YouTube or Vimeo. Once a collection of images has been chosen, Pummelvision throws them all together and syncs them with an audio clip that matches the speed of image navigation.

For a 30-second clip, it's quite nice. I'm sure that such a tool could have some effective classroom uses, such as producing a video to showcase steps of a project or something like that, but at the moment it's also fairly limited. There is only one choice of song, for example. Still, a bit of fun all the same with potentially wider uses. 

Enjoy the video.


shaun said...

Nice work!

Globalism said...

Thanks mate! It has since occurred to me (and been shown by a number of other vids that have done just this) that it's a pretty good way of getting some quick time lapse footage together too.

By the way, can I interest you in being August's '10 Things...' guest poster?