Friday, April 22, 2011

Teach English in Japan...

Having spent a lot of time re-engaging online with Japan again recently (following on from the earthquake and after-effects), I happened across plenty of other non-disaster-related stuff at the same time as keeping up with news from there. One such gem I discovered for the first time is the web series 'English Teachers'. The above video is the first in a series of eight short episodes that take a light-hearted look at the expatriate experience of teaching English in the country. 

Although some of the videos' YouTube commenters felt the series to be a little cheesy, having worked in a very similar environment, I found it to be both startlingly accurate and rather amusing. 'Teaching abroad' can attract such an odd mix of characters that these schools can end up being a really curious collection of people (guess I have to include myself in here too)!

Watch and smile if you've ever taught outside of your comfort zone in a land far, far away or take a peep to see what it can be like if you haven't. Links for the other episodes are given below:

Episode 2: (Un)equilibrium
Episode 3: Hail Mary
Episode 4: Not In Kansas
Episode 5: Showdown
Episode 6: Dun dun dun!
Episode 8: Moving Day

Post on IATEFL pending soon...

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