Thursday, February 03, 2011

New film: 'Station To Ocean'

It's been in the pipeline for a few months now, was initiated before winter began and is coming out now that winter is ending - the latest short from Globalism Films.

Titled 'Station To Ocean', this short film was produced in response to a call for video from across the globe from a single day, known as 'One Day On Earth'. As with the hundreds or thousands of other films captured in different corners of the planet, it was shot on 10.10.10 - a great day for binary code and for standing up to say 'Hello world'. I don't think that many other Brightonians picked up the challenge (if any), so I was glad to be the person representing my city in a worldwide initiative.

The film starts in Brighton station with the view that new arrivals to the city get as they walk through the ticket gates. It then takes a journey from the station, through the main streets to the beach and the pier, ending up with sea and sunshine - as good an introduction to Brighton as any. It does, however, come with a viewing warning. That real journey can take up to half an hour and the footage in the film is sped up so that the journey goes REALLY FAST. If this kind of thing makes you queasy, look away now.

I found a couple of great drum 'n' bass tracks to go with it for the soundtrack. The first is by Hektor Thillet and is titled 'Tarzan and the Jungle Furies', the second by TopNotch and is titled 'Sooner Or Later (TopNotch Jungle/Drum and Bass rmx)'. Both were found on ccmixter and are issued under CC-BY-NC licence.

The footage was shot using a Flip UltraHD camera and edited using iMovie HD. I had a little bit of trouble getting the right export settings from iMovie to produce an optimum file for uploading to YouTube, so may well publish my findings here for anyone else tht would like to know how to get their video file just right.

The One Day On Earth global video archive has a silent version of this film without titles.

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