Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's taken something like a year to get this one done, but I've finally finished sorting out my browser bookmarks and organised them for sharing through my Delicious profile. This means that the odd moments of free time I can manage to grab can now be used for getting on with other projects that have been piling up in the in-tray. The Wordle image above, made from these bookmarks, seems a pretty accurate reflection of my online interests and activities - travel, tech, peace, music, activism, culture...and work.

I'll be using it to post selections of my favoured corners of the Web from time to time too, as Delicious has a very good means of organising one's bookmarks into embeddable code for posting somewhere else.

It's a great feeling to get something done that's been looming over my time like a tall, dark shadow for such an age. Hopefully, that means that I'll be able to start being a bit more sociable online a little more too.

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