Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Japan From The Inside' - Blurb Contest results

The winners of the Best Blurb Books Contest, which my book was entered in, were announced last week. Although 'Japan From The Inside' didn't make the final round of judging, it was up against very stiff competition and I was thrilled with the results of getting the word out. The book got a total of 72 votes and some great comments from people that came and previewed it, including a tweeted review from the Tokyo Correspondent of the New York Times.

I'd like to extend a massive thanks to everyone that voted, looked through the book, helped spread the word or even bought a copy. Without readers, books are little but the remains of what was once a tree. For visitors who've not seen this one, click on the image or link above to go through to the book's web page.

Although it might be a little late now that the contest is over, I've taken some of the feedback and added it into a flyer for the book. The intention was to get it done whilst I was still marketing it, but sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day to fit in everything you want to do. Marketing the book itself was an educational experience and it's left me with a stack of ideas for getting the word out about future projects.

There's plenty more writing stuff in the pipeline at the moment, but the next project is going to be a new Control K track. Yoko Ono's released the stems of a song from her latest album under a Creative Commons licence and is inviting remixes. Couldn't resist this one - the question is whether I'll be able to get something decent completed in time for the deadline!

One can only try. So here goes...

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