Tuesday, April 07, 2009

'Falling' - new short film + Control K track

Although I've had a lot else on recently, I've grabbed the occasional moment to put the above short film - 'Falling' - together. The footage was shot in Scarborough during the week in February '09 when snow brought much of Britain to a standstill (this country doesn't really 'do' snow very well).

I've gone for simplicity as much as possible, from the black and white of the images to a pared down number for the soundtrack, credited to Control K. Unfortunately, as I wanted to get it out before spring got under way too much and winter was completely forgotten about, I've let the music out rather too low in the mix. If you like the sound of the tune, turn your speakers up to get a better effect!

Short stories, short films...it gets harder and harder to get teeth stuck into a serious piece of work in these frenetic digital days!

Original piece hosted at Globalism Films.

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