Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twestival explained

I'm now a fully-fledged member of the international twitterati! I kicked off just before Christmas, figuring that if the American President was using it, I couldn't have him being ahead of me on tech.

Seems that it's exploding now, as this article from Wired.com explains. Twitter was already cited as the main pusher of on-the-spot news in the Mumbai hotel attacks and is rapidly on the way to becoming the essential new communications technology for the world.

I'll write more about it soon, but in the meantime above is a short video explaining how it's being used to quickly organise a serious of decentralised but global events to raise money for charity. (named 'Twestival'). Goes to show that decentralisation of control doesn't just have to be used for bad ends.

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Anonymous said...

where is the video??

Globalism said...

Maybe more of a slideshow than a video - isn't it at the top of the post?

Anonymous said...

hi - nope it is not at the top on my PC!

Maybe my work is blocking it. They normally only do that when i am trying to access porn.

Globalism said...

Oh. Sorry you can't see it. I'll take a look at another PC at work and see how if it works there.

Otherwise, follow this and you can find the slideshow hosted.

Anonymous said...

ok - thanks. um... the porn comment was a joke.

not that it matters if I post anonymously!

Globalism said...

I figured. Still, the beauty of anonymity!