Monday, July 02, 2007

New feature - 'Web Nuggets' (WN0001)

One of the problems I find with the Web is that the more time one spends on it, the more one discovers what one can do and consequently, the less time one spends time actually doing stuff! As much as I'd like to blog daily, there's just not enough time in the day, particularly as I tend to prefer my postings to have some sort of length and substance to them.

However, sometimes I come across stuff that I think should be shared and don't find the time to put anything up about it.

With this is mind, I've come up with a slight solution. Today sees the launch of a new feature to 'Postings From An Edge', titled 'Web Nuggets'. Anything that I think should go up but that I don't have the time to do anything about, such as interesting articles, pictures or videos will go up as a Web Nugget with a very brief description and a link (or pic, vid, etc).

Today's inaugural Web Nugget is from Common Dreams and is written by Al Gore. It's titled 'Moving Beyond Kyoto', is an easy-to-read call for the need for humanity to tackle the challenges of climate change and comes ahead of this weekend's Live Earth concerts across the globe.

Read it here.

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